Pulau Ketam

9:07 PM

Hi people! I know my blog is dead! Because I am really busy to do my assignments, busy to hang out with friends, busy on my blog shop thingy again! But I promise I will try my best to take some time to update my blog! :)

Well, last Saturday I went to Pulau Ketam with my lovely classmates, but it is just four of us. We went there by car using GPS. It was not a very long distance journey to the jetty. After we reached the jetty, it only took 45 minutes to the island.

The environment there was very peaceful but a little bit dirty. The surrounding was full of rubbish. It was damn smelly. There were no cars and motorcycles in the island. It just only have bicycle. You can see everyone in the small village was cycling around. And their houses are very cute and a little bit old. But it is very nice.

We tried the famous crab and other seafood at one of the restaurant in the island. It was really nice. It is worth to come again!

All those little black thingy are crabs! A lot of CRABS!

Art! =.=

O A Jian!


My favourite! Crabs!

Present from Qin!

Photo by Wind! We are crabssssss!


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