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I am always craving for fresh sashimi, and Japanese buffet is always my favourite. I never stop hunting for nice Japanese buffet restaurant and recently, I pay a visit to “Mitasu”. This is quite a wonderful dining experience.

Mitasu is a well-known Japanese a la carte buffet restaurant that located at Central Plaza, Jalan Sultan Ismail. It is quite a relatively low price Japanese buffet restaurant when compared to the others. It only cost Rm 59.90 ++ for adult, Rm44.00++ for senior citizen and Rm31.00++ for child. It is always crowded with people and it is better for you to make reservation to avoid any disappointment or long wait.

Mitasu is actually located in the basement of Central Plaza. Its interior design is simple and decorated in a cozy manner. They also offer private area for the customer who need privacy. In Mitasu, they do offer unlimited fresh sashimi and oysters. Besides that, they also serving salads, yakimono, yasai, tempura, teppanyaki, noodles and many other more.

Sukiyaki Tori
Firstly, I have a tried on their Nabemono. Mitasu offer variety choices of Nabemono and finally I had ordered myself a Sukiyaki Tori.  It is actually a chicken hot pot in sukiyaki style. The ingredients included chicken, tofu, vegetable, noodles and others.  I like the soup so much, it is quite nice and the sweetness is just too nice. It is so good to warm your stomach before you having other foods.

After that, it is the most interesting part of this dining experience.  I have ordered the whole selection of sashimi. It includes Akami (Tuna), Sake (Salmon), Abura Bozu (Butter Fish), Abura Bozu Tataki (Half Grilled Butter Fish) and alo Maguro Tataki (Half Grilled Tuna). The sashimi is being nicely served, unlike the normal Japaneses buffet, Mitasu is putting the sashimi on top of the ice to ensure its freshness.  The sashimi is generously plump and fresh. All of them are in high quality and I really can’t stop repeat ordering. 

Half Grilled Butter Fish
The Half Grilled Butter Fish is quite a tasty dish. The butter fish is actually quite fresh and cut into small pieces. Unlike sashimi is raw, this dish is half grilled. When you have a bite into it, the taste is unique as it is neither fully grilled nor raw.

Half Grilled Tuna
For the Half Grilled Tuna, it is similar as the previous dish. It is also cut into small pieces and decorate nicely. This makes me have the feeling of “fine-dining”. This dish is one of my favorite dish. The Tuna is so juicy and the sauce of the dish successfully stimulate my appetite.

Fresh Oyster
Other than that, oyster is the must have when dining in Japanese restaurant. As far as my observation, oysters are served on almost every table. The oysters are fresh and big.  Although that time the restaurant was crowded with people, but the oysters is still being served nicely.

Besides oysters, Mitasu also offers tiger prawn, Edamame, seasoned cuttlefish, seasoned baby octopus and many other more in the Cold Cuts selection.

Ika Bata-yaki (Squid Butteryaki)
Besides this, I have orders some dishes from their Teppanyaki selection. They offer different seafood and meat for Teppanyaki. I have ordered myself a plate of Ika Bata-yaki (Squid Butteryaki). The squid is cooked to perfection. It taste a little salty but it is still fall withing the acceptable level. The squid is tender yet moderately chewy.

Lamb Bata-yaki (Lamb Butteryaki)
I also have a tried on their Lamb Bata-yaki (Lamb Butteryaki). It is served in the portion of 4 pax.  The lamb is also well cooked as the Squid Teppanyaki. The smell of the lamb is really nice. It makes my saliva almost dropping out. The lamb is so juicy and it is best to consume it while it is still hot.

Green Mussel Mentaiyaki
Next, the waiter has recommended me to try on their Green Mussel Mentaiyaki. It is a grilled green mussel with cod roe. The Mentaiyaki can makes every foods become tastier and more delicious. For this one, it makes the grilled green mussel more delectable. In addition, the green mussel is being grilled to perfection and it is really taste perfect with the Mentaiyaki sauce.

Green Tea, Chocolate and Black Sesame Ice-cream
We have order various flavor of the ice cream as our dessert. We have green tea, chocolate and black sesame flavor. All the ice creams are so rich in flavor. There are a lot of the customers are ordering the black sesame flavor and I also found this is a quite unique flavor as it hard to be found in the other shop.


B-01, Central Plaza, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2110-2833


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  1. Is more cheaper compare to Jogoya and also daidomon. Never try it before. Wondering the place is easy to access by public transport or does it have convenient parking space?

    1. The have parking in the same building. But it is very limited. Public transport can be reach easily. It is somewhere behind Pavilion. :D

  2. My favourite green mussel menteiyaki. Tempting. Thanks for sharing dear

  3. My favourite green mussel menteiyaki. Tempting. Thanks for sharing dear

  4. I want some of that green mussel mentayaki... LOL.... they look delectable...

  5. The savoury Japanese dishes are too tempting! The restaurant looks really busy, no wonder.

  6. Japanese food is always the best! Even the presentation for each dish has that fine-dining style. I love salmon the most lolx

  7. look so yummy. i love japanese food so much!!

  8. Sashimi!!! I like Japanese food! I'm having toothache recently, damn it, can't join most of the food review events, arghh! I miss food! T^T

  9. I went to this place before! Sashimi is so fresh and delicious! I would like to drop by again! Since the foods all is so fresh! And the price is quite reasonable :)

  10. The price is quite cheap compare to other Japanese restaurant! Heard they have positive review too.

  11. At last I found this restaurant serve my favourite sesame ice cream. Got to try this and other food too. Yummy....

  12. Nice looking place with nice selection of food. Think will drop by to check them out.

  13. Its been a while since I have Japanese Cuisine and Sashimi! How was the price ya?

  14. It is looking very tempting and freshly cooked. Presentation is pretty good.

  15. I love this ala carte buffet concept, no waste and every thing is freshly cooked

    1. Ya. that's why i rather choose ala carte buffet rather than normal buffet style. :D

  16. Half Grilled Tuna look tasty !
    wish to have a try ^^

  17. Wow not bad for the price. Do they have soft shell crab here?

  18. The food presentation looks good and seems very fresh and generous in proportion. Price is good too since it's a buffet

    1. I like how they present the food. It's like fine dining. :P

  19. Perhaps I should give this restaurant a go, the foods really look delicious :)

  20. Oh my to that sashimi!! How's the price range btw?

  21. Great stuff you hsared.
    Unfortunately, I do not eat sushi or anything raw hahahah

  22. That plate of sashimi.. omg, looks so good. Throw some here can? :P

  23. tempting!! i mau try this always but dont have chance!!


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