BBQ Town @Mid Valley Megamall

11:40 AM

BBQ Town located in Mid Valley Megamall is a new “eat-all-you-can BBQ & shabu shabu buffet” restaurant in town. What is on your mind when Thai mix with Japanese? BBQ Town actually is a Thai BBQ and Japanese shabu shabu served in buffet concept. I like how they decorated the restaurant with wooden panels. It is very cozy, simple and nice. From the decoration to the foods that served by BBQ Town, it almost look like the same with Suki-ya.

BBQ Town restaurant is using dome-shaped grill with grooves surrounded by a shallow pot, where the juices of the meat flow into the broth to enhance the flavor of the broth. There are two types of broths can be choose from which are Konbu chicken soup and spicy miso soup. If you like something clear and light, I suggest their Konbu chicken soup which is prepared over a duration of six hours.

Just like other BBQ and shabu shabu buffet restaurant, BBQ Town also served free flow of Australian beef, lamb as well as chicken. All the meat are fresh and good in quality. All of them are cut into paper thin slices which are easy to be cooked. For your information, BBQ Town does not served pork in the restaurant.

Don’t forget to dip the meat with their assorted sauces ranging from Thai to Japanese flavors. Patrons can mix and match their own sauce according to their personal taste.
Other than meat, you also can have their fresh vegetables on their vegetables bar. There are wide range of vegetables to choose from in order to make your shabu shabu yummier. They are also serving some sushi and maki rolls at the bar. All of them are already included in the buffet price, so patrons can just have them all!

BBQ Town do served ala-carte dishes as well. I have their Ebi Tempura as my side dish. The Ebi Tempura is so crunchy and it is not oily at all. It is quite nice to eat and I can’t stop of having them.

How can we left out ice cream when we have BBQ? BBQ Town served unlimited soft serve ice cream. There are 2 ice cream machine and patrons can make their ice cream with different toppings provided.

It’s such a whole new dining experience for me to have Thai BBQ and Japanese shabu shabu together. Overall, the price is reasonable, food taste good and awesome services. If you haven’t try BBQ Town, what are you waiting for?


Tel: 03-2201 1236
Opening Hours: Daily 



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