There Is “SOMETHING” In Subang, A Hidden Bar That You Can’t Miss!

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SS15, Subang is one of the hotspot I always been for food hunting. Had been heard that a new hidden bar “SOMETHING” is opened at SS15 and I decided to pay a visit there.

“SOMETHING” is located at Menara Rajawali, the building just opposite to the famous Starbucks and MCD, same row with Taylor’s and Inti College. You can easily spot the huge signage of SOMETHING which is located at second floor. However, when you arrived at second floor, you may be wondering where is the Bar?

Tadaa! The entrance is actually just located behind those beer bottle decoration, and I am going in to this hidden restaurant and bar now.

The environment are pretty cool and spacious and there is a punching boxing machine located just opposite the counter. You may buy a token to play, it cost you RM5 for 3 punches, and you can get a FREE soju if any of your punch can get over 900 scores.

Cheese Buldak

Their staffs are friendly and did recommended us some of their famous menu. This Cheese Buldak is the perfect food for cheese lovers! The barbeque chicken is so tender and juicy. It taste even better when the bite-sized chicken is blanketed with the cheese!

Carbonara Chicken

Carbonara chicken is one of my favorite. A hot plate that combine of the Korean fried chicken and the creamy carbonara sauce. This fusion food is quite a perfect match with alcoholic drinks.


Budae-Jjigae also known as Army Stew and is perfect for sharing among friends! This is also my favourite dish as it like a Korean take on steamboat! The portion is big enough for 2 to 3 people. This pot containing variety of foods, included sausages, leeks. tofu, kimchi, spam and others.

Mokhwa Tangsuyuk (Pork / Chicken)

This is the first time I have this and the taste is so “new” to me. It is one of the star product in SOMETHING! The crunchy chicken puffs are paired with the special sauce, just dip the puff into the sauce and you may feel the taste of the beetroot.

Dak Gangjeong

On a slightly unusual note, the fried chicken is coated with a rich sweet and sour sauce. The flavours are absolutely tempting, makes for rich and savoury satisfaction!

Cheese Stick

A special homemade mozzarella sticks by SOMETHING. It may look so normal, but trust me, It is not! Despite its simple appearance, it is stuffed with lot of melted mozzarella! An amazing appetizer indeed! Not to forget that, cheese sticks are paired with the French fries, a good match with beers.  


Somac Tower | Yogurt Soju (Original / Strawberry / Mango)

How can you missed out alcoholic drinks when you are in this hidden bar? Somac Tower is a must order when you visit with bunch of friends.

For ladies, Yogurt Soju will be your favourite once you tried it! The taste is just like yogurt with a little of the alcohol taste. But be aware, you might be easily get drunk if your drink it like normal yogurt!

SOMETHING not only served as a restaurant and bar, they do have few Karaoke rooms for the guests! There are 3 different type of rooms available, anyone who are interested can contact them for price and booking.  

Whenever you are looking for a place to chill with your friends, Something SS15 will definitely be your best choice in Subang area. They are also providing food deliveries around Subang area during this CMCO period. A lot of good deals available, please visit their Facebook for more information.


Address: A-2-3 Menara Rajawali, Jalan SS15/8, Subang Jaya 47500 Selangor.

Business Hour: 12pm- 10pm (CMCO Period)

Facebook: Something SS15

Delivery (Whatsapp): +60111- 674-1680 (Sun) / +6010- 270 0972 (Mo)

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