Short Post

8:21 PM

Morning! It’s been a while I didn’t blog about my college life and today I am here to share my recent activities.

It’s just two subjects in this semester.  Quite free for me in this semester because I can hang out with friends sometimes, cook myself a dinner or lunch, do some art craft, and of coz photo shooting. But now is nearing completion of the semester, so I am a busy bee for a few weeks. I was rushing project and assignment for non-stop. It is just like an endless war.

Well, two more days, I will attend my birthday celebration at the beach. The early birthday celebration because of the matter of time, but it’s okay for me. And of coz I will attend to the hot air balloon event on this Saturday morning. I am so excited right now. I can’t even focus on my assignment. Oh gosh!

There are so many March babies in this month. Today is one of my friend birthdays. Wish him have a very happy birthday~ Happy Birthday To You~ Have to continue my assignment now. Bye reader!

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