Bag Pack Ipoh Trip Part I

1:12 AM

Hello guys! How are you recently? I had been a couple days didn't update my blog. I am so miss in it! If you follow me then you will know I was just come back from my trip to Ipoh. A bag pack trip with my beloved buddies!

This post gonna be so interesting, colorful and yummy with lot of nice photos that taken by me at Ipoh. The 3 days 2 night trip was not enough for me because Ipoh still got a lot of nice places that we haven’t explore! But we were still satisfied that we can try on the famous foods in the town and of coz we went to Cameron Highland too! The foods were cheap and tasty. It's a cheapest trip in my life.

Okay! Don’t talk much! Let’s see what I had ate and done in the trip. ;)
Forgot the name of this food! :(

Broiled Fish

Dry Prawn Mee

Buddies, the lodging sponsor of this trip.

Cousin of the Sponsor! Mixed!



Fu Shan Dim Sum as our Breakfast. [The Famous Dim Sum Restaurant in Ipoh]

Zhu Chang Fen.

Forgot the name again! Punch me please!

Chinese Hot Tea

Egg Tart

Never see this dim sum before.

The foods are so TASTY!

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