Movie Poster Assignment

1:59 AM

Well, it’s Friday again! But there is still have class on Saturday. Sad case, I don’t like Saturday class or I should say no one like it.

Recently I was busy doing assignments and I found out that one of my assignments is very interesting, I guess. Since I have nothing to blog here, so I am gonna share with you guys. It’s Copywriting assignment. In this assignment we need to choose 3 favorite films and write a tagline for each of them. So the 3 film that I choose are [Chucky], [In Time] and [Toy Story]. You all familiar these film right? Here you go. 

Never Play With Your Doll

Pay for every second of a life

 What will happen when your toys come alive?

I had fun with this assignment and special thanks for my dear friend for helping me. So will blog more about my other interesting assignment. Maybe? Okay, see ya!

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  1. hey i didn't know you wrote a blog! :D
    hellossss haha and i liked your toystory one btw :D




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