Pipit Wonderful Market 8

1:53 AM

Hello people again! My new semester gonna start soon in after 1 day. Oh no! I have to back to hell soon! I am kind of excited because all the subjects are not my strengths. I think I need to work hard. :(

Okay, today is Saturday and it is a holiday in Malaysia. Everywhere is crowded by cars and peoples. And guess what? I still hang out on today! I went to Pipit Wonderful Market 8 located at Centre Market with my friends. There’s lot of people. I was crowded in the market. I love those pretty things that sold in the market. It’s too cute and lovely especially lace. I love lace very much and I am get mad with it! But unfortunately I didn’t buy any lace on today’s market because it is too expensive for me. I have to save money in this month. :(

Pipit Wonderful Market is a very successful market for me. I hope I can be one of the vendors in some days. Hmmm… That’s all for today post. Got to do some preparation for tomorrow market! Yup! ShawParade, KL Pudu 11am, same time same venue. See you there!

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