Deep In The Ocean

9:26 PM

It’s been awhile I didn’t even touch my blog. I am so sorry! Currently I am really busy in studying and designing. I am trying my best to let my life goes well, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem like what I wish to. I hope this problem will be settled down soon, as soon as possible. 

I gonna show you some of the photos that taken in the aquaria at KLCC. This is one of my projects. Hmmmm… if you are interested, the ticket is just Rm30 per person with student card. The worth part was I saw PIRANHA. I am kind of excited when I saw them because I never see piranha before except in the movie. Other than that, the interesting part was the diver feeding part. It was just too amazing. How I wish I can become the fishy in the ocean. LOL?

Well, stay tuned for my next post. I will try my best to update as fast as I can. See ya!


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