Bon Odori 2012

9:39 AM

Did anyone go to Bon Odori yesterday? Of course I went there! This was my first time went to Bon Odori. It was such a big event. Families, students and photographers, there are a lot of people. If you were there, you can see a lot of Japaneses gather in this event. And of course there is lot of girls and women wearing Kimono. How beautiful they were! 

Besides that, there were also a lot of stalls selling Japanese foods such as Sushi King and Sakae Sushi. I ate the Japanese Tomyam Udon, never try never know. It was so nice! The programs included drum performance and dance performance. It was all about Japanese culture. You can dance along with other people too. How fun it is! But I didn’t dance because I was busying capture photos! 

Well, it was such a good experience for me. What I can say is FUN! 

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  1. Nice photo but I want to see more!!! ^_^

  2. Thank you! I am still learning in the path of photography.
    Well, i have no time to edit other photos in Bon Odori.
    But you can visit to
    for more other photos.
    It is my little gallery of learning. :D



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