Penang . Foods

4:59 AM

During the Penang trip, I ate my favorite Asam Laksa nearby Kek Lok Si. It tastes nice. Not too spicy or too sour. I think this is the best Asam Laksa in the town.
Gurney Drive Penang Hawker Center is a must go place because you can taste a lot of local foods at there. Travel on the weekdays always the best because never need to wait and queue for the foods. How awesome it is!
Tree Shade Seafood Restaurant also is a must go place. There is a lot of seafood with different cooking style. Choose your favorite seafoods, choose your favorite cooking style then your lunch or dinner will be serve within 15 minutes. And the most important thing is their price is very cheap! 
We ate the famous “Sister Char Kuey Teow” that was recommend by my baby boy. It was really nice. But too bad I didn’t take any photos of it.

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