Last Kaka Art Market of 2012

3:11 AM

Do you ever heard about Kaka Art Market? If you had follow me then you must be know what it is! 
Well, Kaka Art Market is a market for craft lover and artist. Some of them are selling their handmade stuff in the market and some of them are just normal people who love handmade stuff. In the past, I had my booth there and selling my own handmade stuff. Pretty cool, it is because it was my first time there as a vendor. I had learnt a lot of thing in the market and enjoyed it to the max. 
But now, in 7 October will be the last Kaka Art Market of 2012. Due to the venue problem, Kaka Art Market has to be stop from November 2012 until February 2013 or until further notice. What a sad case! I wish I can join the last market but I have no time. :(
7 October 2012, 11am morning to 7pm evening at Shaw Parade. Make sure you don’t miss the last market. See you there! ;)

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