Parkamaya [The Rules Are Different Here]

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Hello again! Today post is all about Parkamaya. I bet you all never heard about it before. Right? Well, Parkamaya actually is an Asian Fashion Retail Concept Store that inspired by the fashion fusion culture of Shibuya in Japan. They will be coming to Fahrenheit88 in this December! For those who think they are different, trendy and young, then you should go to Parkamaya! Because they have more than 35 of fresh, new and special brands from all over Asia! The rules are different here! Parkamaya is the best place to shop. 

Parkamaya was having their photo shoot session for the brand ambassador on last week, and I took part in it. It is a very special experience for me. I had done so many photos shooting, but this one was so special for me. I had to dress differently and being photo shoot. The staff told me the photographer is a very famous photographer and he took photos for Miss Malaysia. Guess what? I fell so different here!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s mark down on your calendar now, this gonna be a crazy month to shop for your Christmas and New Year present! Visit Parkamaya’s facebook page for more info!

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