Big Bad Wolf

6:25 AM

Big Bad Wolf is in the town! Some of you might no idea what it is. Don’t worry. You’re in the right place. I will tell you what it is. Big Bad Wolf is not a real “Wolf”. It is the biggest book sale in the world! There are up to 95% discounts on all 3 million books! It’s not a lie! I do actually went there on last Saturday. Guess what!? It was 63-hour-long opening! It was such a great shopping experience for me! Shop in the midnight, crazy right? The books were really cheap! I bought 4 design books which only cost me RM70! Yes! 4 books only RM70. Design books some more. You can never buy any design book that cheap. The cheapest design books that I ever bought also cost me RM50. Not kidding man.

The sales are not end yet, the wolf is not leave yet! 9am to 9pm every day until 23th December at Mines Convention Centre. So, what are you waiting for?

This is an extra info for you guys! :)

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