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Hi, I am back! I miss my blog badly and I am here to bring you a little update news of myself. Well, it’s back to December and I can smell Christmas… December is one of my favourite months because Christmas is coming!!! Hah! Christmas is around the corner, I can’t wait for my holiday and the trip to Penang Island! Yes! Again! I am going to Penang again! Twice in a year! Crazy right? But this time I am going to have a ride on the cruise with my family and my baby boy. Look forward to the trip because this is my first time to take a ride on a cruise. There are 2 more final subjects to go. One more week and I am officially semester break. This will be my last semester break because going to graduate on next year. I should fully enjoy this holiday and have a long rest. Planning to go Singapore with my baby boy but unfortunately my schedule was full. How bad it is. :( Well, I think that’s all for today. Stay tuned for more updates. Good night and have a sweet dreams! :)

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