SuperStar Cruise

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As what I promised, here is the post of Star Cruise. I had a ride on the Star Cruise in this holiday with my family. Of course it was a new experience for me because this was my first time to take a ride on a cruise and also my first time got into the casino. 

Back to the topic, the name of the cruise called SuperStar Libra. Its length is 709,64ft and its width is 107.09ft. This is big enough for me. ;D There are facilities like fitness centre, outdoor swimming pool, hot tubs, sport deck and various types of restaurants in the cruise. If you think it is bored on the cruise. You are wrong! There are a lot of onboard entertainments such as musical, movie, KTV, casino and sexy girl show in the cruise. You will never get bored until the end of the ride. The ticket for each person is only Rm160+. Dinner and breakfast were included. You can choose either western cuisine or Chinese cuisine.  We booked a room for ourselves just in case when we are tired we got a place to rest. Because we stayed in the cruise for 18 hours from 5pm to 11am.

Well, dining in the cruise was super good and of course the dishes were so delicious. What we choose for dinner was the Chinese cuisine. There were total 7 dishes for us. We can’t even finish all of them.  And we choose Chinese cuisine for our breakfast too. It was really good.  Yum Yum! 

It’s end of the post. Hope to have another chance to take a ride on the biggest cruise. ;) For more info please click HERE

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