D.I.Y Flower Crown

5:32 AM

Felt guilty and so sorry for didn’t update my blog. I miss to blog badly. :( Recently I was super duper busy for my assignments and project and of course graduate exhibition. This is the final semester in college; we have a lot of works need to do to set up the exhibition. So, I am here to say hi! Yeah! I am still alive. =.= And gonna share with you guys for my very own flower crown tutorial.. I made this flower crown on last week, finally I have time to blog about it now.  So here’s the tutorial…

1.      Get ready your selected silk flower, scissor, floral tape and floral wire (green).
2.      Shape your floral wire into a circle that fits your head. Make a little loose for it. 
3.      Cut the flower and ready for use. 
4.      Arrange the flower on the base and wrap it using the floral tape. You can also use the green floral wire and secure each flower into place by wrapping tightly around the base.
5.      Continue the process until it is fully wrapping your flower around the entire circle of the crown. 
6.      And it’s done! Ganna have a photo shoot one day if I am free! :)

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