Birthday Celebration with Friends

8:13 AM

Happy Birthday to myself again! I am officially 21 years old now!  LOL! My birthday was just passed few days ago and March is going to end soon! My exhibition is just around the corner. After this week, I will be free to blog as many as I wish, I guess. Before go for the Singapore trip part 2, I would like to share something meaningful and happy which is my birthday celebration! 

I celebrated my first round of birthday at Sekeping Serendah Retreat located Rawang. At first, bofie brought me there and I thought it was just a trip for relaxing. But, I were wrong! Bunch of friends surprisingly appeared in the resort. I was shocked actually. It was really surprised! And guess what, they going to overnight at there too and and and there was also a BBQ party for our dinner. Glad to have Miss O as the chef prepared everything for us. It was touching actually. 

In the night, the game began. We took lots photos, drank wine, play games, laughing all the night. Receive a necklace as a gift from the lovely friends. So much love from them. I never expect so much. I guess this was my best birthday celebration ever in my life. Thank you so much for coming and thank you so much for the person who planned this party for me. I love you! You know who you are! <3>

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