Victoria Station @ USJ

7:57 AM

Hi people! It’s been awhile didn’t blog. I was just back from a trip with my lovely friends. So I need some times to reorganize my timetable. Recently I am busying packing stuff to move out from my hostel and also busy for interview and searching for job. I guess I need some times to do my own stuff. I do really miss photography badly. :(

Well, this is a super late post for you all, a birthday post. Spending my big day with my boyfie and I got a Fisheye Baby 110 and a bracelet as my birthday gift. Thank you dear so much! I spent the day with my boyfie at Victoria Station. I guess all of you know right. This was my first time having meal at there. The environment was well decorated and the foods were excellent. If you never try before, you should decide to go onboard. There’s nothing much to talk about. Got to go. See you on the next post! ;)

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