Suki-Ya @ Paradigm Mall

8:20 AM

Another birthday post again, I guess it is the last one. This time, I was celebrating with my family but unluckily it is without my daddy and big bro. They are too busy and can’t manage to come back from other states. Too bad! Celebrated with my family at Suki-Ya. I always wanted to try it but now my dream finally came true! Hohoho! Thanks mommy! 

Suki-Ya, the “House of Hot-Pot” offer 4 choices of popular soup bases which are Shabu-shabu, Sukiyaki, Miso soup and Kimuchi. It also comes with the FREE FLOW of freshly sliced meat (Pork free).We tried all their soup bases and sliced meat. I love their paper thin sliced beef. I heard that the sliced beef is the most popular in the restaurant. Besides that, there is also a healthy vegetable bar is always stocked with fresh greens and premium pasteurised eggs to complement the rich selection of meat. Oh Ya! They also have an ice-cream bar! I love their green tea ice-cream! 

For the pricing, it’s affordable. It’s only RM29.80 for adults on lunch time and RM39.80 on dinner time. For all children below 12 years old can get 50% off. Strongly recommended for all hot-pot lover. 

*Too bad didn’t take much photos, some photos are grab from Google. 

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