Takakurazome Kyoto @ Parkamaya, Fahrenheit88

5:45 AM

It’s been awhile I didn’t blog for weeks. I do miss blogging actually. Although I am busy on my things, but I do make a free slot to attend an event invited by Parkamaya on last Saturday. 

            There is a famous Japanese artist came to Parkamaya to promote his brand! His name is Takakura-san! He is a creative and talented artist, he using a blend of shibuki (splash in Japanese), tie-dye, and stamping techniques to create every art pieces. He is also one of the owners of the “Takakurazome Kyoto” located in Parkamaya, Fahrenheit88. 

Takakura-san is born in a family that doing textile business. When he was young, he interested in painting. At one point, he and his brother decided to open up a shop. He has shops in Japan and the outlet in Parkamaya will be his first international outlet! There are variety of products ranging from apparel and shoes to tote bags and shawls. Every products are designed by Takakura-san. 

Takakura-san had created his artwork on the spot and I took a video of it! Have a look and enjoy it! :)

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