11:16 PM

I am so lazy to blog about ChurpOut 2013 because I was sick after the event. But no matter how, here’s the update. If you read my previous post, you will know that I attended the ChurpOut 2013 event as a vendor. 

A whole new experience from this event, I had met new friends. If you do visit us Girl’s Story Handmade, you will know that we are sharing our booth with Tote 2 and the same tent with The Oldees. And of course we got a lot of Free gifts! Well the best thing is I finally have a chance to meet the famous blogger. Cheesie. But unfortunately I was too shy to take picture with her. OMG! I am so regret! Hope there’s another chance to meet her again. *Sigh*

I couldn’t describe how enjoyable in this event and thank you Churp Churp for the chance of letting us participated in this event. Looking forward for ChurpOut on 2014! 

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