Nuffnang Food Fest 2013 @ Sunway Pyramid

3:01 AM

Hi! Last Saturday my boyfie and I dropped by to Nuffnang Food Fest at Sunway Pyramid to have free foods. Nothing is better than FREE things in the world, especially FREE FOODS. If you didn’t really know, Nuffnang Food Fest is Malaysia’s first ever tw(eat) fest. It gathers all the food lovers to enjoy the whole new dining experience. Nuffnang introducing something so called Social Media Currency. You don’t even need to pay a single cent and you can enjoy all the foods in the fest. 

So basically what you need to do is just TWEET and EAT. Sounds cool right? You know what? Actually it was AWESOME! The participated vendors including Nando’s, Juice Work, Chatime, N Brew, Burger Lab, New Zealand Ice-cream and more. Everyone was holding their phone walk here and there. People queuing up for foods like there’s no tomorrow. LOL! I can felt the crowd! Luckily the weather was quiet good on that day. 

Bump into Fourfeetnine and her husband in Food Fest! ----Feeling loved. WTF!


Other than free foods, guess what I got for free? It’s FREE power bank!!! Whoever phone battery is less than 10%, you have to tweet #UTOOS2Powerbank and #NnFoodFest then you will get it for free. How lucky am I! 

I had lot of fun in this event. Thank you Nuffnang for bringing us the best moment for us. It was the best dining experience ever!

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