Eyelashboss Cleanser Review

8:36 PM

Hi all, I am back. December is a busy month for me; it is also my favorite month. :) Today I am going to blog about Eyelashboss False Eyelashes Cleanser that I bought at an online shop called Flowergirl Shop. I find this cleanser for such I long time and I couldn’t find it until I saw Valerie's blog post about Eyelashboss False Eyelashes Cleanser.

Eyelashboss False Eyelashes Cleanser is very useful; it can remove all the dirt and glue on the fake eyelashes. It is very suitable for those girls who have a lot of pairs of fake eyelashes, especially model. They use fake eyelashes a lot. It is very easy to use with few simple steps. 

1.      Prepare your tools, small container, cotton swab, dirty fake eyelashes, and Eyelashboss cleanser.

2.      Pour the Eyelashboss cleanser to the small container and put in the fake eyelashes.

3.      Wait for 10 minutes.

4.      Clean the eyelashes with the cotton swab after 10 minutes.

5.      Let it dry.

6.      And tadaaa! It is done and you can use it again.

Easy and useful right? If you want to buy you can log on to their Facebook page: Flowergirl Shop.

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