Vuvuzela @ Sunway Lagoon

4:58 PM

I went to Sunway Lagoon with ma baby boy on last Sunday. Although we went there for few times but we still went there to have fun. This time, we went there to try their Vuvuzela. 

Vuvuzela is the world’s highest, largest and the most trilling water ride. It is the world’s largest water funnel of 22 meters in diameter and experience zero gravity, as you shoot up to the other side of the funnel. Twist and turns of 152 meters in length which can be likened to ride in rapids in a floating river. And it is 30 meters height. We are totally having fun in it. 

We never been to Sunway Lagoon for years, it seems like changed a lot from their facilities to the food and restaurant. At least it turned into a good one. Happy to see that. 

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