number76 Hair Saloon

8:06 PM

New year new look. Last week I dyed my hair at number76 hair saloon. Their interior design is so nice. It was a brand new experience to have a hair makeover at such a nice saloon. No doubt, their service is very good. I give them 5 stars out of 6 stars. Well, back to the topic. I decide to dye my hair in more vibrant color such as purple or pink. At last, my hair stylist Amy dyed my hair in gradient with 2 tones color which is light brown (not sure what brown is that) and purple color.  The outcome is good; the outlook of me looks more fresh and mature. OMG! I am totally in love. Besides that, I got a free hair treatment too after my hair dye. After the treatment, my hair is smoother that last time. Thank you so much for everything. I will definitely visit again soon. :)

My hair stylist Amy

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