Pattaya Floating Market

11:43 PM

After checked in hotel, the next stop was Pattaya Floating Market. Pattaya Floating Market has been a major attraction in Pattaya. Entrance fees are required in this market. The entrance fee was 200BHT per person which is Rm20 per person. At Pattaya Floating Market, visitors can travel around the market by a boat in order to see the view of the market on the boat. Also, visitor can taste Thai traditional food and dessert. Remember try their sticky mango rice and milk tea. I can tell you that the taste is awesome! 

Besides that, in floating market also selling fried insects. I know is disgusting, that’s why I didn’t try. Oh ya! There is also elephant in this market. Yes, it is real elephant. You can feed it by buying it sugar cane. 

How to go to Pattaya Floating Market? You can just take metered taxi or bus. For taking a bus to the floating market, this could be the cheapest choice for visitors, approximately 20 baht, but visitors might need to check the time table of the beach bus services in order to know what time the bus will arrive at their closest bus stop.

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