Terminal 21 @ Bangkok

9:00 PM

Sorry for the late post because I was busy for my personal stuff. Don’t worry; we are still in the topic of Bangkok. Next, we are going to talk about Terminal 21. Terminal 21 is a one floor one theme shopping mall. The concept is market streets of the world. It is decorated based on well-known streets in cities such as Rome, Paris, Tokyo, London, Istanbul. This mall also has the longest escalators in Thailand, up to 36 metres. 

For the food part, if you like food court experience, you can head up to 5th floor. This is perhaps the best food court in town in terms of price, taste and variety. Find everything from dim sum to grilled seafood (fast food style), Hainanese chicken rice to delicious phad thai, roast duck noodles to vegetarian ready-to-eats. Don’t forget to leave some room for desserts, as there’s mango sticky rice, shaved ice dessert, ice creams, and more. It is the best shopping mall that I ever been. 

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