22th Birthday Party

2:11 AM

Hello! Long time no see. Finally I am back! Cause recently I don’t have internet line to blog. So sad. :( Well, today I will blog about my birthday post. Yes, is my birthday and I am officially 22nd! So, I had my birthday party on last weekend and invited all my BBF to join the party. This birthday theme is a little bit girly cause it is a princess girl flower party. Everything is decorated with roses. Everything was done by me and this was in my expectation. Love this theme so much. Other than that, the thing that I love the most in this party was the cake. This cake bought at Wondermilk and it is chocolate flavor. It’s my favorite! And the main point is this cake matches my theme so much. 

I was very happy on that night because everyone was here. Once again, thank you for coming and thank you for the wonderful night. Love you guys!

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