4 Island @ Ao Nang, Krabi

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Hi all! Long time no blog because I just back from my holiday to Krabi, Thailand. It was a relaxing holiday for me. Well, straight to the point, today I am going to blog about the 4 islands that I visited during the trip. 4 Islands is the most popular destination of the tourists from all around the world. And the 4 islands are the Tub Island, Chicken Island, Koh Porda Island and Pra-Nang Bay. 

The first stop that we heading to is Pra-Nang Bay. The journey takes 20 minutes from Ao Nang. And there’s a legend about this place. There is a cave on the east side of the bay. Long time ago, there is a princess escaped with a big treasure from the Palace to stay in the cave of this bay. In this large limestone cave contain an impressive number of phallic images adorned with garlands and incense offerings in the hope of increased sexual potency prosperity and good fortune. Until now, the fishermen do still come here to offerings to the princess.

Our second stop was the Tub Island. What so special about this island is the sea will be separated from one island to the other island and a beautiful white sand road appear between these two islands. You can walk pass but must be right back in time before the road is disappear. Amazing right? Too bad we didn’t walk to the other island. 

And our third stop was the Chicken Island. Why Chicken Island? It is because from far sight of the island it looks like the chicken head. In this island, you can play with a million kinds of fishes and coral reef. It is the best point for snorkeling in Krabi. And this is my first time snorkeling, it makes me felt nervous by the way. =.=

Last stop was the Koh Porda Island which we had our lunch at this island. Well, nothing special about this island. The lunch was box really “out of my expectation”. But anyway,  we really enjoy our lunch time at this island. 

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