Restaurant Bukit Tinggi BBQ 武吉丁宜烧烤村 @ Bukit Tinggi, Bentong Pahang

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Today, I am going to blog about a restaurant located at Bukit Tinggi, Bentong Pahang. Yes, it is my hometown and this restaurant just near to my town. It just took around 20 minutes to reach this restaurant. And this restaurant called Restaurant Bukit Tinggi BBQ. I was celebrating Father’s Day with my baby boy’s parent at this place during Father’s Day. This restaurant is a very popular dining place as I’ve seen the review of this restaurant on others people blog. 

The restaurant is tucked away from the main road. It is rather difficult to find it if you are making your first visit there. But it’s okay, I will guide you there. When you see the BHP petrol station then you will know where the restaurant is. The restaurant is just behind the BHP petrol station and there is only 1 BHP petrol station in Bukit Tinggi.

It is a building by itself and the surrounding is filled with plants. And the interior of the restaurant is quite unique. Cause there is lots of umbrella hanging upside down on the ceiling. Besides that, there are a lot of empty wine bottles in the restaurant as a decoration too. 

I heard that this place is always crowded so we arrived early to avoid the crowd. But too bad when we arrived it is already full. So we were standing outside the restaurant and queuing up to wait for seat. And yet, it is our lucky day. The gate was closed after we got our seats. How lucky! 

And then we get the waiter to order the food. Guess what! Their dish name is quite erm unique.  We ordered one dish name is called “Wu Li Dan Dou Fan”, that’s in Cantonese. It’s the mixture of rice, pepper, vegetables and meat. I am not sure you guys like it or not but it tasted not bad.

"Wu Li Dan Dou Fan"

The second dish, it goes so well with rice. It is Fried Eggs with White Tofu. Simple and nice! The third dish was the BBQ Lamb come with the mint dipping sauce. I am a lamb lover, so I think it tasted good. The meat is so juicy! Yum Yum!

Fried Eggs with White Tofu

BBQ Lamb

Come to the next dish, it called “雪山飞狐”. Basically, it is a salt crusted Tilapia. Not bad also! Jiang! Jiang! Jiang! The next dish is Seafood Pot. There are large prawn, big size lala and huge crab in the pot! Everything is fresh and nice to eat! The bottom of the pot is the soup. I guess it is all came from the seafood. There are vegetables and mushroom in the soup.

"雪山飞狐", salt crusted Tilapia

Seafood Pot

Seafood Pot

Seafood Pot

At last, the bill came up to about RM400 plus for the 8 of us. And I forgot to take picture of the bill. You know why? The way they taking order is very creative. The bill was itemized in drawings. A very creative way! Oh well! I guess this is the longest post that I ever wrote! In a conclusion, I think this place is nice. I will go back soon! And please remember that they don’t allow takeaways. 


Restaurant Bukit Tinggi BBQ  武吉丁宜烧烤村
P.T.15792 & 15793
Jalan Bukit Tinggi
28750 Bentong
Pahang Darul Makmur.
Tel : 09 233 0330
H/P : 012 357 7111.

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