20 Facts About Me

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For those who want to know me more. Here’s the [20 Facts About Me].
I have an English name, Adeline who given by my dad. I love this name so much.
My age actually is 22 years old but people always think that I am a secondary school student. Forever a kid face. =.=
Left hander but not a 100% left hander. I still can us e my right hand to play badminton and use mouse.
My height is 159cm. I am very dissatisfied with my height because I think it is too short for me.
I love design. That’s why I studied Advertising and Graphic Design. And I was graduated from The One Academy.
I am a lifestyle blogger who blog more than 5 years. I always hunt for food to share with my readers. I love to attend blogger events as well! I never miss out any event invitation.
I am also an online store owner. I have my own brand called Girl’s Story Handmade which sells lots of handmade stuffs like bracelets, notebooks, pouch and so on.
I am a meat lover. I love beef, lamb and salmon the most. I can’t live without them.
Tea is my favorite but I hate coffee.
Dislike ginger, garlic, durian and foods that make me smells weird and disgusting.
I love to swim but I don’t know how to swim. LOL?
I love to cook especially western food.
I love flower madly. Flowers will make me happy.
I am kind of a lazy person who lazy to exercise. That’s why I look forever fat. ==
I love to travel. Taiwan and Europe country are the countries that I wish to travel when I am young. Btw, I am going to Taiwan next year with my baby boy. Yay!
I used to go clubbing every month when I am still studying. But now I stop clubbing. 
Hate insects especially worms, lizard. I hate snakes too!
I am madly in love with puppies. I have to 2 poodle puppies in the house. I love them so much like there is no tomorrow.
Fans of Harry Potter. A BIG fans of Harry Potter. I can’t describe how much I love Harry Potter. Maybe I love HP more than my boyfriend? LOL! Just kidding!
Cameras collector. I have 4 cameras including DSLR, instant camera, fish eye camera and a Lumix GF6. There are more to come.

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