Pangkor Island Festival 2014

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Hello reader! It is October again! Have you guys noticed that my blog layout had changed? Do you guys like it? I have designed a brand new blog header designed. It took me almost 2 weeks to design and think the idea of it. I am very satisfied with it.

Okay! Today post basically is about my trip to Pangkor Island which is located at Perak. This gonna be a quick and short post. So, I went to Pangkor Island on last month for the Pangkor Island Festival with my baby boy to have a getaway. On last year, we took part in the art bazaar as a vendor. But unfortunately this year we couldn’t take part in it because I have to work on Friday (Their art bazaar start on Friday). But it’s okay, at least we went there. This gave us an excuse to take a break in our busy life. We are pretty enjoying in the island because it is so peaceful and relaxing…

Pangkor Island Festival (PIF) is a pioneering island-based festival where community, culture and arts come to play. By inviting artists into the island, it not only encourages interaction amongst Pangkorians, but also fosters new interactions between locals and artists, thus adding a new dimension to the livelihood of Pangkor communities. Pangkor Island Festival aspires to integrate community culture, history and folklore with local tourism, highlight the best of Pangkor’s unique local delicacies as well as its touristic and scenic attractions. It will be a grand celebration where both Pangkorians and visitors are welcome to join in the fun!

Hopefully there is more surprise in Pangkor Island Festival on the following years. I guess we will be back to there again if we have the chance. Got to go! Hope you like this post. Stay tuned for my next post. It will be a food post. :P


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