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If you have been followed my blog, you guys will realized that I am writing my Taiwan travel post for quite some time. My blog post are in Chinese, but this time I would like to give myself a try on writing English about their foods. 

Taiwan is a very beautiful country. It is always my dream to Taiwan because there are a lot of the nice foods, environment, shopping spots and most importantly has a lot of amazing natural environment. Yes, I went to Taiwan before. And I feel like I don’t wanna come back after the trip. I miss Taiwan a lot. If I wanted to write about all the beautifulness of Taiwan, I guess it will take me forever to write!

Time to eat is the topic of this blog post. It will be all about foods! I will be sharing to you guys about some delicious and special foods that I had tried in my last trip in Taiwan and it is really nice!

Local Foods- Night Market

Well, I would like to talk about Ay-Chung Flour-Rice Noodle (阿宗面线). This is a very famous food and is one of a must eat food in Taiwan! There will always be a lot of people queuing up in front of the shop. And you guys can always see people standing around and eat the noodles. The noodles never break half way when I pull it up and it is very smooth. The soup is very nice and the soup has to be cooked for few hours before they open the shop. You guys can add some chili, vinegars and chives inside to suit your needs. 

The second food I would like to share with you guys is stinky tofu (臭豆腐). It is quite a special food and because of its smell, there will be a lot of people love it and hate it! The bean curd is cut in cube shape and is deep-fried and draped with some sweet and spicy sauce. It is crispy and it is soft center!

Beef noodle (牛肉面) is also a must eat food in night market! Taiwanese are very good at cooking beef noodles. They even have a competition for chefs to win a title of beef noodles king. One of the beef noodle shops I been is just located besides AY-Chung Flour-Rice Noodle which is at Xi Men Ding. Their beef is being grill and it is very juicy. The soup is being nicely cooked for a couple of hours and it is really nice.

For Kids & Girls

There is a Hello Kitty themed café located nearby Zhongxiao Fuxing (忠孝复兴站) metro station. The café name is Hello Kitty Sweets Café! Any Hello Kitty fans here? I am not a Hello Kitty fans, but when I walked in to this themed café I feel like I am in love! The whole environment is pink and it is well decorated by all the Hello Kitties!   

The cafe is serving some western foods and also desserts. Most of their desserts are in Hello Kitty shape and it is really so cute! Their foods are really not bad and most importantly the environment will definitely recall your memory with Hello Kitty!  

Tourist Spots

When I am in Tai Chung, I had been to The Monster Village (溪頭松林町妖怪村). It is an interesting Japanese style attraction. It is full of creativity and you will feel surprise when you are there.  There are quite some nice foods there. The most famous food will be the “Man-biting Cat Bread” (咬人猫面包). The top of the bread is a leaf with jagged edges. The name of the bread is come from a plant of the same name. The plant is toxic but the leaves are definitely safe to eat after being boiled at high temperature! The bread is filled with cheese and either bacon or smoked chicken. When you eat the bread, the cheese is melting in your mouth and it is really Yummy! 

For your information, the bakery shop (久保田烘焙坊) is just serves the bread 2 batches which is on 10.30am and 2.30pm and each batch is only 200 pieces. Therefore you guys have to queue up early to buy it!

*Photo taken from 溪頭妖怪村-久保田烘焙坊 Facebook page.

There are also a tourist spot which is full of nice foods that I had been to last time. It is Jiufen (九份)! Jiufen is used to be a center of gold mining in the time of year 1890. With the declining of gold mining activities, Jiufen fades. But now, Jiufen transform into a tourist spot which offer a lot of Taiwan’s tradition treats! The one that I like the most is the taro balls at Grandma Lai’s Yuyuan (賴阿婆芋圓)! They do serve cold and hot version. 

The vendor is displaying the whole process of making the Yuyuan (芋圆) infront of the public. So you just have to process to the front and place your order. The taro balls are chewy and sweets, the taste and the texture are both good.  Some more I have the hot version of the Yuyuan in cold weather, it is just too nice!

I wish I can have a chance to revisit to Taiwan again! It is always a wonderful trip to Taiwan. The friendliness of the people, the foods, the shopping spots, the culture and the natural environment will always giving us surprise.

Once again, thank you for The Butterfly Project and Timefor Taiwan TTBKL for having this contest and giving me a chance to recall those sweet memories in Taiwan. 

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