Curl Your Hair With Philips Easy Natural Curler

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My hair is getting longer day by day and I am boring with my straight hair style. I always wanted a curler that can style my hair to a natural look. But then until I meet Philips Easy Natural Curler, I am falling in love to this product. It just came in time. Thank you to Philips for the opportunity to let me try out their product once again. 

Philips Easy Natural Curler makes it easy to create beautiful curls even at the back of your head. Its unique Tulip shape and clever plates hold the hair strand while styling, enabling you to create curls in one simple movement. The shape of this curler is just as beautiful as flower. 

Product Features

Uniquely designed for creating beautiful, natural curls
Philips Easy Natural Curler has a unique Tulip shape for creating stylish, natural curls like no effort went into it.

Automatic clip for curling with just one hand
Philips Easy Natural Curler’s clip and curl plates automatically clip and hold the hair strand with styling, so you can curl in a single movement with just one hand.

Protects against accidental burn
As the styling plates are protected from touching, you don’t have to worry getting accidental burn.

Slim handle and small size to carry around
Philips Easy Natural Curler is light, comfortable to use and compact. Its slim handle and small size make s it perfect to carry around.

Protective ceramic coating
The protective ceramic coating of the curler’s plates ensures even heat distribution and less hair damage for shinny and soft hair.

Professional 200C styling temperature
A professional styling temperature of 200C guarantees nice result even on thick hair, while minimizing hair damage.

I created my natural curly hair in just a few steps. Clip your hair, roll it and stroke down. Easy right? Want to see the result? Make sure you don’t get shock. Because I look mature after curling my hair. 

Tadaaaa! Here’s the result. It’s very natural in wavy style. What do you think of my natural curl? Is it suitable for me? Comment and tell me what you think. Hehe! Hope you like my review! Have a nice weekend. Muack! 

Product: Philips Easy Natural Curler
Price: Rm169.00
Suitable for: Long, Medium, Short hair



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