Haraju-Cube @ Empire Damansara

7:04 AM

Craving for Japanese Honey Toast recently and finally pay a visit to Haraju-Cube at Empire Damansara with my friends. If you like honey toast or sweet dessert, then you should give yourself a try to Haraju-Cube. 

With their Japanese Honey Toast concept, it attracted a lot of attentions in just a short time. Unlike others café in town, Haraju-Cube decorated their cafe in yellow and white tone. It makes us feels very comfortable and very cozy when dining there. It is such a nice place to chill. 

Haraju-Bomb - Rm32.90
Back to their toast, we ordered their best seller toast. Freshly baked toast with lots of topping. You can choose either vanilla ice-cream or green tea ice-cream. It’s sweet and creamy. They served in very big portion. Sharing portion will be 2 to 4 portions but it is still too much for us. The price range for each honey toasts are from Rm22.90 to Rm32.90. 

Choco-Melo - Rm12.90
Sliced toast with marshmallows and chocolate topping. The price range for each sliced toasts are from Rm10.90 to Rm15.90. Sliced toast comes in different combination such as egg mayo, mix seafood, ham cheese, wafu tuna and so on. 

Harajucube Milk- Rm6.90
Homemade Harajucube milk comes with 3 flavors which are butterscotch, coffee and fruits. The milk is creamy and tasted good. It is one of the strongly recommend drinks in the cafe. 

Lastly, their service is totally satisfied .However, it takes time to wait for the toast because they need times to bake the toast. But, nice food always worth the wait!

Have you been to Haraju-Cube before? Yay or Nay? Would you give it a try after reading my blog? Anyway, thanks for reading. See you on next post. :)


Lot 103, Empire Damansara,
Damansara Perdana, Selangor.
Opening hours: 11am-11pm (Sunday & Tuesday-Thursday); 11am-12am, (Friday-Saturday.)



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  1. Looks tempting leh. But a bit pricey ><''

    1. Hi Jacqueline,
      Yup. it is abit pricy but you can share to 4 person. :)



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