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This is my first time paying a visit to Momento 7. Momento 7 is located at Bandar Puteri, Puchong. If you been to Momento 7 before, you will notice that there is a slightly change on their menu. Momento 7 served western foods like pasta previously, but now they have their brand new concept menu. They are now serving mainly Japanese cuisine for example steamy hot rice with pork.

With the new partner coming in with much Japanese culinary experience, Momento 7 now served some very down-to-earth dish like Katsu Udon, Katsudon. FYI, Katsudon is a popular food in Japan. It is a bowl of rice topped with deep fried meat cutlet, egg and condiment. It is filling and very tasty at the same time. 

The 2 young owners really amaze me. They never give up and make such a big move to make their dreams come true. All the determination is simply because it was the father’s dream to run a restaurant. It is the son who wants to achieve it for the father. For the effort and thought of the man behind Momento 7, it’s a big thumb up.

Katsu Curry Rice- Rm16.50
Japanese curry rice is a famous dish in Japan and you can see curry rice in almost all the Japanese restaurant in town. This Katsu Curry Rice served with breaded pork with curry gravy. The pork chopped in pieces and it is so crunchy. Curry is mild in taste. Just nice for everyone. 

Buta Shogayah Set- RM26.50
Buta Shogayah Set is stir-fried pork with ginger served in a small sizzling pan. This is just nice to with rice and one bowl of rice will never enough for this Buta Shogayah. 

Rosu Katsu Set- RM24.50
Rosu Katsu Set is deep fried pork loin served with white rice, salad, pickles, miso soup and special sesame sauce. Grind the sesame into powder form and mix with the sauce. Enjoy the fried pork with the sauce.  

Hire & Ebi Katsu- RM26.50
Hire & Edi Katsu is breaded pork fillets and breaded shrimp served with white rice, salad, pickles, miso soup and special sesame sauce. Breaded pork and shrimp fried to perfection. It’s so crunchy. 

Cheese Roll- RM16.50
Other than set that served with rice, Momento 7 also served side dish like Cheese Roll. Cheese Roll is breaded pork roll filled with cheese, carrots and asparagus. You will never say no to the melting cheese in the pork roll. 

Cheese Katsu- RM16.50
Cheese Katsu is another cheesy dish. It is breaded pork loin with cheese. 

Kamo Nanban Udon- RM13.00
Other than rice, you also can have their udon. This Kamo Nanban Udon is cooked with smoked duck.

Katsu Don- RM15.50
How should we not try don when we have Japanese cuisine? Katsu Don is the combination of breaded pork, onion and egg served on top of the rice. 

Recommend Kushi for you if you would like to have fried snack. There are more than 10 choices to choose from. Customers can choose the options according their favorite.

Buta Hire (Pork)          : RM3.00
Ebi Hire (Prawn)         : RM4.00
Hatate (Scallop)          : RM4.80
Salmon                        : RM3.80
Soft Shell Crab                        : RM8.00
Shishamo (多春鱼)     : RM2.50
Kani Tsume (Crab Meat): RM2.50
Kaki (Oyster)              : RM6.00
Zuccini (Japanese Cucumber) : RM2.00
Asparagus                  : RM2.00
Baby Corn                   : RM1.50
Tamanegi (Onion)       : RM1.50
Shitake (Mushroom)   : RM1.50
Broccoli                       : RM2.00
Shishito (Chili)             : RM1.50
Kabocha (Pumpkin)    : RM1.50
Piman (Capsicum)     : RM1.50
Nasu (Eggplant)          : RM1.50
Japanese Sweet Potato : RM1.50    

Rosu Katsu Bento (Pork)- RM15.00
Deep fried pork fillet, marinated baby octopus, pickles, greens, homemade potato salad and white rice served in Rosu Katsu Bento with miso soup at the side. 

Fish Katsu Bento- RM15.00
Deep fried fish fillet, marinated baby octopus, pickles, greens, homemade potato salad and white rice served in Fish Katsu Bento with miso soup at the side. 

Overall I like their foods so much especially their Rosu Katsu Set. I like how they fried the pork into perfection and make it so crispy and crunchy. I think kids will definitely love it.


No. 31, Jalan Bandar Puteri 2/3,
Bandar Puteri Puchong,
47100 Puchong, Selangor.
Business Hour: Monday- Sunday 11am-3pm ; 5.30pm- 10pm
Tel: 03-8066 5778



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