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There are lot of cafés and restaurants located in Damansara Utama areas. During lunch hour, it will be no parking at that area because everybody is going there for lunch. Since there are quite a lot of café and restaurants, it will be quite hard to decide which restaurants to go for. 

Recently I had been invited by Food Ink to attend a food review at Café Lafayette that located in Damansara Utama. I am really so glad to be invited. Café Lafayette is located in upstairs of a Japanese restaurant. Its signboard can be easily seen. 

When I going upstairs, there will be a telephone booth decorated in the staircase. It makes me having an illusion of I am in London. When you first stepped in the café, the staffs greeted me with a warm smile and I can feel their happiness on serving the patrons. The café is nicely decorated. There are many photos being displayed on the wall and there are many flowers in the café.

Irish Cream- Rm10
There are quite a lot of dishes being served in this review. Before the main dishes come, I get myself one of the signature drinks of Café Lafayette, which is the Irish Cream. It is one of the signature drinks in Café Lafayette. There is cream on top of the coffee and its taste is special for me.  The cream is a bit salty and the coffee is not so bitter. The boss, Jake has actually told us to sip on the cream fist and then only sip on the coffee. He also reminded us best to finish it within 5 minutes to ensure the Irish Cream is in the best condition to drink. 

Elder Flower- Rm9
According to Jake, most of the ladies will order this signature drink when they dining there. This drink is so smooth in flavor and it has the flower and fruit taste. I tasted Lychee and peach flavor inside. I will definitely order this again next time. 

Fried Mozarella- Rm12.90
Fried Mozarella is a top appetizer in Café Lafayette. The bread is being deep fried and stuffed with mozzarella cheese. It is nicely cut and separated. As you can see from the photo, the cheese is still connecting between one another. It is really cheesy and crunchy. 

Mushroom Risotto- Rm15.90
Next, I have tried on their Mushroom Risotto. This is my favorite! I would recommend this for you if you pay a visit to Café Lafayette. The rice is cooked with organic button mushroom, oyster mushroom, onion and cream. The Mushroom Risotto served is really delicious, it has many mushrooms inside. It is very creamy and it is full of taste of mushroom. It is a vegetarian dish .According to Jake, the chef had actually cooked the risotto in a high pressure of fire and it is similar method as cooking Hokkien Mee. It enables the risotto became more savory. 

Orttagio Risotto- Rm15.90
Orttagio Risotto is another risotto being served, this is the new product and it is not up on menu yet. This is lighter than Mushroom risotto and more colourful. It has various types of vegetables inside including carrot, broccoli, red pepper and so on. The cooking method is same as Mushroom Risotto. Personally I like Mushroom Risotto rather than Orttagio Risotto.

Chicken Maryland- Rm17.90
Chicken Maryland is a popular dish in most of the restaurant. Café Lafayette had actually served an awesome Chicken Maryland. The chicken is being perfectly deeply fried and it is served with mashed potatoes, salad and brown sauce. I have poured the brown sauce over the chicken and it is even better taste. 

Balsamic Mushroom Beef- Rm24.90
Besides that, I have their Balsamic Mushroom Beef. This is a new item that recently added into their menu. This is one of the dishes that strongly recommended by the chef. Mushroom and beef are cooked with Balsamic sauce. It tasted a bit of sour and it is totally perfect to stimulate the appetite. The beef is so juicy and chewy. The dish is served in a big portion and I almost can’t finish it.

Retromarcia Cordon Bleu Chicken- Rm24.90 | Retromarcia Cordon Bleu Fish- Rm26.90
Both of the dishes are topped with turkey ham, sautéed mushroom and baked with cheese and served with Lafayette’s house sauce. The only different is one is with grilled chicken while another one is deep fried fish. The cheese is melting over the meat and the Lafayette’s house sauce is further enhancing the taste of the meat. I am really hard to resist it.

Grilled Salmon with Pesto Sauce- Rm27.90
The last main dish being served will be the Grilled Salmon with Pesto Sauce. Grilled salmon is in pesto sauce and served with a big portion of salad. The salmon is grilled to perfection and it is perfect when served with the pesto sauce. The pesto sauce is so rich and creamy. It will be best that to dip the vegetable with pesto sauce. 

Chocolate Lava Cake
This is my favorite dessert so far. Chocolate cake is filled with delicious chocolate and served with the chocolate ice cream. It is all about chocolate! It is no doubt that this cake is sweet but it is really tasted well. 

I would like to give a thumb up to Lafayette. They do really served delicious dishes with lots of love. Their staffs are so friendly. Oh ya! They do have lunch set also during lunch hour. But it is crowded always as I went there many times. Don’t forget to order their Mushroom Risotto when u pay a visit to Lafayette.


Tel: 03-7732 3188



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