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I was invited to Panasonic Make Beautiful Happen event at Betjeman & Barton, 1 Utama Shopping Mall last month. I am always a big fans of Panasonic. From the kitchen gadgets to my babe camera, it is all about Panasonic. And well, this is my first experience with Panasonic Beauty. Thanks a lot for the invitation and thanks for having me.

“Make Beautiful Happen” will be Panasonic Beauty’s theme for this year 2015. It aims to promote beauty in bigger picture as beauty encompasses every aspects of one’s life and not looks alone.

“Beauty is all around us and can be beautiful moments or acts of beauty. Sometimes it’s up to us to make it happen.”

In the event, Panasonic showcased their latest range of beauty and grooming products which is focusing on Hair Care and Face Care with live demonstrated from Yves Chong, Style Director from Number 76 Hair Salon. Yves had shared some benefits of the Panasonic Beauty’s products such as:

Nanoe Hair Dryer EH-NA65 (Rm423) & EH-NA45P (Rm286)
- Provide moisture while blow drying
- Keep hair shinning and smooth

Nanoe Hair Straightener EH-HS95 (Rm412)
- With Photo Ceramic Coating to maintain hair moisture & reduce color fading

Scalp Massager EH-HE94 (Rm349)
- 4 fingers simulation movement that can be used when shower

During the event, there’s another VIP speaker which is Panasonic Beauty Brand Personality & Radio Announcer, Aishah Sinclair. Aisha shared on how she maintains her beauty regime with Panasonic Face Care products, despite her busy schedule.

Facial Steamer EH-SA31VP (Rm529)
- Nano-ionic steam penetrates into skin for deep moisture retention
- Remove makeup

Thermal Esthetic Roller EH-SP32 (Rm469)
- To firm up face

Facial Cool Putter EH-SQ10 (Rm319)
- Tighten pores

Eye Warming Massager EH-SW50 (Rm589)
- Relax eyes after long day
- Improves blood circulation around the eyes area

The product from Panasonic Beauty that I like the most is their Facial Ionic Steamer. Panasonic Facial Ionic Steamer hydrate your skin with a 6 minutes steam. It also can use to remove your makeup.

Hi-tea was served by Betjeman & Barton during the event. Everything is so beautiful on the tray. I like the macaroon the most. By the way, it’s nice to catch up with my girls again in the event.

Panasonic will continue to provide the Malaysian women with innovative and practical solutions for their beauty regime.

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