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Hana Dining + Sake Bar 花酒藏is a Taiwanese fusion Japanese restaurant located at Sunway Pyramid. It is the first in Malaysia but their first branch is in Taipei, Taiwan.  Hana Dining is separated into 2 part as the name. Walk into the entrance, the left side will be their Sake Bar and the right side will be their dining restaurant.

Hana means (Flower) in Chinese. It symbolize the variety of choices in their menu. There are more than 160 dishes in Hana Dining’s menu. Sake means (Alcohol) in Chinese. They have a lot of sake, soju, espresso martini (house special) and so on. means a cozy environment in the restaurant. The interior design is western mix Japanese. It is Japanese postindustrial wall design. The whole restaurant can fit roughly 150 people.

All the seafood in Hana Dining are from Europe and Japan. Price is reasonable and the dishes presentation are really good. All the dishes are served in fine dining style. At Hana Dining, you can have a great dining experience and yet with a reasonable price.

Salmon Roll On Fire 鮭魚火焰- Rm28
Hana’s signature Salmon Roll on Fire. It is such an amazing dishes. It is burned with fire when served. The salmon slices are plum, smooth and it is nicely wrapped. After it burned, the salmon is became half grilled. Eat it when it is still warm and you will taste the different layers of the sushi.

Squid Stuffed with Preserved Cucumber 霜降中卷佐黃瓜- Rm25
Squid Stuffed with Preserved Cucumber as starter. Instead of using rice, Hana Dining choose to use squid. Hana Dining makes my dining experience to the whole new level. Hana Dining make this dishes in a special style by stuffed the crunchy preserved cucumber and delicious minced crab meat into the chewy squid rings.

Oyamaimo Shake Maki 山药鲑鱼- Rm32
Oyamaimo Shake Maki is a dish that filled with surprise. Japanese yam and raw salmon are being wrapped by the seaweed. When you put the whole maki in your mouth, you can taste the crunchiness of the Japanese yam and the softness of the salmon at the same time.

Charcoal Cheese Special California Roll 炭烤起士加州卷- Rm25
Charcoal Cheese Special California Roll is definitely a good choice for the cheese lover. This California roll is come in big portion and it is stuffed with crab, avocado and seaweed. There are a lot of the tempura flakes on top of it. Not to forget the cheese, it is so rich in flavor and when you eat the California roll, you can even taste the crunchiness of the tempura flake and it is really well mix with cheese.

Chef’s Olic Tuna Marinate 橄榄蒜香腌白鲔鱼- Rm25
Chef’s Olic Tuna Marinate is being well marinated by the chef by using olive oil, garlic and some other special seasoning. It is made with White Tuna Fish. It tastes a little bit like “Char Siew”. Its texture is so smooth and melt in my mouth.

Hawaiian Shake Harasu Maki 夏威夷- Rm33
Hawaiian Shake Harasu Maki is Hana chef’s special creation. Unlike other Maki roll, Hawaiian Shake Harasu Maki rice is replaced with fresh salmon belly. Ingredients in it including tempura prawn, flying fish roe, cucumber and avocado. Eat it fast when it is served, it will definitely amaze you. Hawaiian Shake Harasu Maki makes your taste buds a great experience. The salmon is soft, smooth and cold while the tempura is still hot.

Engawa Don 肉丼- Rm38
Engawa Don is using a special fish meat so called “Flounder”. It is served with Japanese rice. The fish meat is fresh and it is being grilled. It will be melting in your mouth when you eat it.

Seaweed Boletus Pasta 昆布牛肝菌寬麵- Rm18
Seaweed Boletus Pasta is one of Hana Dining top sellers. The pasta is cooked in fusion style and it is so creamy. Stir it before you eat. It is perfectly match with the seaweed and boletus. According to the chef, those who love mushroom soup will definitely fall in love with this dish.

Deep Fried Nanban Chicken 南蛮炸鸡- Rm18
Another dish will be the Deep Fried Nanban Chicken. Unlike normal deep fried chicken, this is not oily at all. It is crispy outside and tender inside.

Crispy Cod Fish Layered with Sweet Potato 鳕鱼地瓜禅扬- Rm28
Crispy Cod Fish Layered with Sweet Potato is also the best seller in Hana Dining. The angel noodle is used to wrap the cod fish and sweet potato puree and added with vinegar sauce. Then it is to be deep fried and being served. |t is not oily but you can feel the crispy of the angel noodle and the sweetness of the sweet potato and cod fish.

Grilled Lamb English Cut with Ponzu Soy Sauce 柚香薄荷沙朗羊- Rm38
If you are a lamb lover like me, you will definitely love Hana’s Grilled Lamb English Cut with Ponzu Soy Sauce. It is being cut in slices and topped with the ponzu soy sauce. The ponzu soy sauce is a citrus based sauce and it is very tangy and refreshing.  

Japanese Style Crab Meat Omelet 蟹肉玉子烧- Rm22
Japanese Style Crab Meat Omelet is a dish that is not heavy in flavor. This is well suit as I am having too much of the flavorful dishes just now. The omelet is prepared with crab meat and topped with mushroom. It is then mix with the Hana Dining in house sauce. The omelet is sweet and it is perfect with the crab meat.

Crispy Salmon Skin Salad 香脆鲑鱼皮沙拉- Rm25
This is my first try on Crispy Salmon Skin Salad. As the name indicated, the salmon skin is really crispy and it is well mix with the vegetable. The sauce is made by citrus and sugar, this make the salad perfect.

Layered Chicken and Egg Teriyaki 新日式照烧鸡- Rm10
Layered Chicken and Egg Teriyaki is a creative dish that create by the chef. It designed like a cake and being well presented. It is in 3 layers which comprises of teriyaki chicken, egg white and egg yolk. The taste is really unique, you can just have a try on it.

Cold Udon with Seafood and Sesame Sauce 海鲜胡麻凉面- Rm12
Cold Udon with Seafood and Sesame Sauce is a very unique noodle dish in Hana Dining. The sauce is rich in flavor and it is very appetizing.


OB2.G.U1, Oasis Boulevard, Ground Floor,
No.3 Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway,
Sunway Pyramid, 47500 Selangor
Business hours: 
Sunday to Thursday
(Dinning area) 11am -3pm, 6pm - 11pm
(Bar area) 11am - 11pm
Friday - Saturday
(Dining area) 11am - 3pm, 6pm - 11pm.
(Bar area) 11am - 1am.


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