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Recently there is a new hot restaurant in Kepong area. It is a restaurant that specialize in pork dishes especially pork knuckle. Now I would like to proudly present to you guys, the Malaysia Champion in Pork Knuckle Specialist Shop – The Champ Kitchen.

Kepong area is crowded with variety of restaurants and most of them are open at Kepong town. However, The Champ Kitchen chooses to open at Kepong Industrial Park (KIP) which is located quite a distance from the town. No matter what, far distance is not stopping the customer from visiting The Champ Kitchen.

In Malaysia, it is quite hard to find restaurant that provide pork knuckle. It is even harder to find the restaurant that can provide delicious pork knuckle, but The Champ Kitchen will be definitely one of the restaurants that can provide delicious pork knuckle. Pork knuckle is good at pork dishes and their specialist is in pork knuckle.

The Champ Kitchen is using good quality pork knuckle as their main ingredients. The recipe of making pork knuckle actually is from his great-grandfather located in China and spanned over 4 generations.

When you guys first stepped into the restaurant, you will easily notice that there is a huge wok in the restaurant. If you are lucky, you will see that the owner is cooking the pork knuckle in the wok. The huge wok can cook 150 pork knuckles in a time, and you can smell the fragrance of the herbs and spices.

The interior of the restaurant is well designed and there are few cute piggy decorations in front of the restaurant to welcome the customers. Besides that, there are photos about the story of The Champ Kitchen and the benefit of pork knuckles are hanging on the wall.

Pork Knuckle Rice- Rm8
Now, lets us move to their specialist dish which is the Pork Knuckle Rice. There are two pieces of pork knuckles slices, hot spring egg, “Mui Choi” and “Ham Choi” on top of the hot white rice. When you first see the dish, you will have an impression that the pork knuckle is looks like Japanese “Char Siew”. You will also wonder that how come the hot spring egg will appear in this dish as it is normally appear in the Japanese dishes. Actually all these are the creativity of the owner. He is very familiar with Japanese cuisine. In The Champ Kitchen he is combining Chinese cuisine and Japanese cuisine together in order to provide some new experience to the patrons.  The pork knuckle is not oily at all and the meat is very fresh. This is absolutely different from the pork knuckle that I normally tasted.

Japanese Curry Pork Rice- Rm13
The owner is also adding some new try to the pork knuckle rice. He is mixing the Japanese curry and pork knuckle rice together, which is totally new to the patrons. Patrons can order the Japanese Curry Pork Rice to try out Chinese style pork knuckle and also the Japanese curry in the same time.

Pork Hind Rice- Rm10
If the patrons wanted to consume more collagen, it is strongly recommend trying out this Pork Hind Rice. Pork hind is containing more collagen than the pork knuckle.

The owner is actually put his heart on the customers’ side. He is providing variety of combination of the dishes. Patrons can choose to have pork knuckle and pork hind at the same time when they order Pork Hind and Slice Knuckle Rice. Patrons can also choose to have springy egg noodles instead of white rice.

Pork Lard Noodle- Rm6 (Single) | Rm8 (Double)
If you guys are the lovers of fried pork lard, then you must try this Pork Lard Noodle. This noodle is not the normal noodles that can be easily found. It is actually the springy egg noodle. This is more springy and chewy.  Pork lard is fried until golden color, it is really seem very interesting to me.  When eat the fried pork lard with the springy egg noodles, it is simple dish but really delicious.

Claypot Pork Knuckle- Rm28 (S) Rm38 (M) Rm45 (L)
Claypot Pork Knuckle is also the highlight of the restaurant. It is full of the fragrant of herbs and spices. The pork knuckle is actually boneless and being tied with the ropes. The pork knuckle is being prepared through many stages and need roughly 72 hours to finish preparing.  It is more enjoy when consuming a whole pork knuckle than only 2 pieces of the pork knuckle slice. The portion of the pork knuckle is quite big and it is sufficient for 2 to 3 people.

Fried Man Tao Bun- Rm3 (2 pcs)
My favourite snack in The Champ Kitchen will be the Fried Man Tao Bun. The bun Is being deep fried until beautiful golden color. It is crispy outside and quite soft inside. The price is quite affordable as it only cost Rm3. There are 2 methods of consuming this. You guys can dip the bun with the braised pork knuckle sauce, it will taste abit salty. Or else, you guys can just consume the bun without dipping anything.

HK Century Egg Ginger- Rm6
Besides that, The Champ Kitchen also serving HK Century Egg Ginger. Century eggs are always my favourite snack. The century eggs served in the Champ Kitchen is quite different from the usual century eggs I tasted. It is smoother in the flavor and can be easily acceptable by the patrons that first time try on century eggs.

Pork Neck Skewer- Rm9 (2 sticks)
Pork Neck Skewer is using the meat of the pork neck. It looks oily but actually the fat level is very low.  Pork neck meat is already containing little oil and it is perfect to be grilled. The skewer tasted delicious and it contain just a little bit of the fat. This is definitely a good choice for those who love to eat pork but afraid of getting fat.

Dang Gui Salted Chicken- Rm18 / Rm33
The Champ Kitchen is not only serving pork dishes. They are also serving chicken, lamb and pork dishes. Their popular chicken dish will be the Dang Gui Salted Chicken. The owner used good quality of the Dang Gui in this dish so that the chicken smelled more fragrance and more healthy. The chicken is very smooth and fresh. It is a little bit of salty and when you bite the chicken meat, you can taste the smell of Dang Gui. This dish is not only appetite stimulating but also healthy.   

Grilled NZ Lamb Belly with Szechuan Pepper- Rm18
Lamb dishes served in The Champ Kitchen are also very famous, especially their Grilled NZ Lamb Belly with Szechuan Pepper. This dish is not easy to be prepared. It has to go through the stages of braised and grilled then only can be served.  The lamb is crunchy when you bite on it, and you also can taste the juiciness of it.

Slow Braised NZ Lamb Belly with Foo Zuk & Fermented Bean Curd Sauce- Rm38
Slow Braised NZ Lamb Belly with Foo Zuk & Fermented Bean Curd Sauce is also quite delicious. The lamb is absorbing the sauces after long hours of braised, it is very soft and juicy.

Grill Horse Mackerel with Szechuan Pepper Sauce- Rm15
Soba fish is commonly appeared in Japanese cuisine, and the owner of The Champ Kitchen is bringing it in their menu. Grill Horse Mackerel with Szechuan Pepper Sauce is slightly salty and it is well served with the pepper sauce and also mashed carrot. 

Forever Young- Rm30
If patrons wanted to taste hot soup after having those dishes, The Champ Kitchen has something for them. Patrons can order the Forever Young from the staff. The ingredients of the soup include black chicken feet and other healthy herbs. It is cooked with the coconut water and put into a coconut shell. This is quite different from the other restaurant which they are just reuse the coconut shell for containing soup. The soup is naturally sweet with the taste of coconut. This soup is full of collagen and is the ladies favorite.

Fish Seeds Bricks- Rm8
Fish Seeds Bricks is another creative dish from the owner. It looks exactly like Japanese sushi but actually it is not. It is quite crunchy and inside is full of the Chinese ingredient instead of Japanese ingredient. 

Homemade Greentea Ice-Cream- Rm5
Homemade Greentea Ice-Cream is a classic ice cream in Japanese cuisine. I love this so much as I am a matcha lover. The ice cream is homemade by The Champ Kitchen so it is actually smoother than the other restaurant.

Homemade Seasalt Ice-Cream- Rm5
You guys usually tasted sweet and sour flavor ice cream, but do you guys tried salty ice cream before? Homemade Seasalt ice-cream will definitely worth a try. The ice cream tasted slightly salty and it is very smooth.

Homemade Premium Truffle Bacon Ice-Cream- Rm16
Homemade Premium Truffle Bacon Ice-Cream is the famous ice cream in The Champ Kitchen. The owner is mixing the expensive truffle and bacon together, and putting some sea salt on top of the ice cream. I find that the taste is quite unacceptable when I first try. However, the fragrance and the unique taste of the ice cream is keep on seducing me.  It is full of the taste of truffle and also the saltiness of the bacon.  It is really a very unique mouthful experience.

The Champ Kitchen is really worth a visit. The foods there are really awesome especially the pork knuckles.


No. 19, Jalan KIP 1, Taman Perindustrian KIP Kepong,
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03- 6275 1919


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  1. Kepong is far for me, seldom go there. But my friends are staying near there so this is good info for them. :D

  2. Wow , the claypot pork knuckle looks delicious!! I love eating pork knuckles also!!

    1. That's their signature dish. Must order when u go there.

  3. Miss their foods. Gave my tastebuds lotta surprise. Highly recommended.

  4. Near to my house and I don't know there is such nice restaurant that serve pork. Will try this out.

  5. Pork is the love of my life! All dishes look so delicious!! yum yum!!

  6. Y so faaarr?!?! Huhuhu... Nvm can still bookmark this place to makan there with my fren hehe thanks

  7. Good restaurant for my Chinese friends who love Pork...... thanks for sharing... I will tell them

  8. WAH! MAlaysia Pork Knuckle champion? I don't believe. Must go and try d...

    1. Try it then you will know! And let me know what do you think. :P

  9. Looks delicious! except for the 'mui choi' and 'ham choi', everything else looks yummm!

  10. sooooooooooooooo delicious. I;m hungry now T^T

  11. i love the pork knuckle here. yummy

  12. WOW! The Champ Kitchen @ Kepong looks as BIG, All porks also big! You can finish all ? :D I not always eat the pork meat but my family love it. I will bring them to try! :)



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