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Chill with buddies in a bar is a wonderful thing to do. It is even better if the bar is offering foods that are delicious and unique. If you are looking for those perfect bars, then BWB Flaming on Table will definitely be your best choice.

BWB Flaming on Table is located in Desa Sri Hartamas, a place that full of restaurants and bars. BWB Flaming on Table is easily attracted patrons' attention as their signboard is quite big and their logo is a bear which serving dish that is on fire!

The interior design of the bar is very natural. It is using wooden concept and the light is so warm. This is well designed to suit the patrons for drinking and chit-chatting. The patrons can have a comfortable place for talking and hanging out.

Yellow Bomb- Rm20
Fresh start our meal with this special tapas – Yellow Bomb. This is actually lobster salad with caviar cucumber & mango.  This is quite a perfect dish to start your meal as it can stimulate you appetite!

Cup Noodle- Rm 14
Noodle put into a cup with pan fried bacon chips, dry Chili, aglio & thyme. It tasted a little spicy and the bacon chip is very crispy. The portion is perfectly for small eater.

Secco Seppia- Rm12
Grill marinated sun dried pulled cuttlefish.

Truffle Butter Toast- Rm18
Mini French toast served with truffles butter & caviar topping.

Knuckle Bun- Rm10 | Chicken Bun- Rm8
There are 2 types of buns being served. Personally I liked the knuckle bun , the slice pork knuckle is so tender and juicy.

Salted Shrimp- Rm12
Salted Shrimp is best to eat with drinks. This tasted a little bit salty and also spicy as it is served with assorted chili spices.

Calamari Salsa- Rm16
Other than that, popular tapas of BWB will be the Calamari Salsa. It is a dish that full of fried baby calamari with salsa sauce. The baby calamari is fried till perfection, it is very crunchy. Its taste a bit salty but still very nice to eat! It is totally perfect snack when you drink.

Sizzling Seafood- Rm30
Sizzling Seafood included various seafood such as prawn, salmon, squid, oyster and mussel with sizzling spicy sauce. The sauce is quite spicy for me, but the seafood are so fresh and it is totally irresistible.

Petai Toast- Rm16
Petai Toast is quite a special toast in BWB.  Toast is served with sambal petai and egg. 

Bolognese Toast- Rm16
Toast served with minced pork & egg.

Fritto Maiale- Rm38
Fritto Maiale is fried roasted pork with aglio. This is similar like traditional Chinese roasted pork. However, the aglio had made this dish better and more fragrance.

Piggy Burger- Rm28
Sakura minced meat, oat, onion served with sunny bun.

Bacon Cheese Asparagus & Ebi Niniku & Sazae Niniku- Rm12 & Rm10 & Rm10
Yaki Mono is another popular choice of foods in BWB. There are variety of food can be choose from. The one I favorite is the Bacon Cheese Asparagus, Ebi Niniku and Sazae Niniku.

Fragyu- Rm45
Pan fried wagyu top with foie gras.

Angry Bird- Rm35
The signature dishes is the BWB Flaming on Table series foods. It comes in few choices and my favorite will be the Angry Bird. The name is so special and it actually chicken drumstick on fire! According to the owner, the liquid that used to make the flame is actually food liquid that imported oversea. It contains different flavors and it is totally safe to eat. The flavor of the liquid of this dish is actually black pepper flavor because after the flame gone, you can easily smell the aroma of the black pepper. The drumstick is big in size and it is juicy! This dish is also served with side and garnishing.

Ocean On Fire- Rm65
Assorted seafood from the ocean is on fire! Ocean on Fire do included seafood like trout, scallop & prawn.

Oink- Oink On Burning- Rm48
Oink- Oink on Burning is using Sakura pork rib. The pork rib is so tender and juicy.

Grilled Squid- Rm26
This will be the new food added into the BWB new menu. The squid is moderately chewy and being grilled to perfection.

Oyster Box- Rm12
Oyster Box is also another highlight of the BWB Flaming on Table. Bean curd is stuffed with oyster piccante aglio sauce, and the taste is so nice. The Bean curd is very smooth and it is like melting in your mouth.

Piccante Mussels- Rm18
Several mussels in spicy tomato sauce.

Traditional Spaghetti- Rm12
Spaghetti served with tomato, minced pork, carrot, onion & herb.

Beef Roll- Rm24
Slice beefs wrapped with golden mushrooms. Beef is juicy and yet tender. 

Seafood Pasta- Rm28
Pasta with prawn, mussel, trout & scallop served with tomato sauce & herbs.

Overall, BWB is a perfect place for chilling. It is suitable for various kind of occasion such as birthday celebration, friend gathering and so on. The price is quite price wise. In addition, the staffs are very friendly and attentive.


No. 8, Jalan 27/ 70A, Desa Sri Hartamas,
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03- 6206 3800


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  1. that's a lot of dishes. and the flaming oink is so cool. they have all kinds and types of food it seems.

    1. I know right... Havent include the dessert some more. That's alot.!

  2. All the dishes look so special!! Love the asian western combination

    1. It's special for me too. Especially the flaming dishes!

  3. wow everything looks yummy, nice place to dine. I wanna tell my friend to go dine with me as my dear not free to go.

    1. just go dear// Remember order their flaming dishes.:P

  4. All the dishes look spectacular Adeline dear. The whole concept has a rather fusion take to it and the Oink-Oink on Burning dish is extremely tempting to try. Should give this place a go soon.

  5. OMG! Those dishes on FIRE! So pretty and fascinating!

    1. I know right! you should go and try when you back to kl. :P

  6. Yummy delectable food... I am sooo fascinated and in love... but too bad they serve oink... I can't eat there... =(

  7. Sizzling Seafood looks delicious. I'll try this out. Yummy...

  8. My second time try this and the food is unique to me. Will go again :P

  9. Great pictures of the food. I will certainly let my friends know of the place so that they can enjoy the great food.

  10. what a lovely bar... esp. it has yakitori yummy!

  11. hey...this place serves tasty foods :) am so tempting with the foods served :)
    cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  12. wow so many dish....i love the grill squid look so yummy and angry bird too!!

  13. the bolognese toast looks really unique.. never had one before.

  14. OMG, you can eat the flaming food? My mom and sister tried it b4, so it is delicious bbq! I never try so jealous. :P

    1. Well, you should give it a try. I bet you will fall in love to it!

  15. This place seems comfy and warm, the Truffle Butter Toast looks really appetizing, would like to try that out :)

  16. the amount of food you reviewed is crazy. so many dishes there!

    1. I know right! It takes time to came out this review. :(

  17. The food looks really presentable.. Nice one!~

  18. The Oink- Oink On Burning is my favourite, even their appetizers are so delicate.

  19. Oh gosh! Everything looks so good!



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