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Whenever we think of fast food, the foods that will usually pop up in our mind will be burgers, fried chicken or pizza. But can you guys relate fast food with Udon?

Hanamaru Udon is one of the largest Japanese fast food chain that served the Japanese traditional fast food- Udon. It is founded in 2001 in Takamatsu, the capital city of Kagawa Prefecture, which is a place that famous of Sanuki Udon. Hanamaru is a subsidiary of “Yoshinoya Holdings Co., Ltd., which holds one of the biggest Japanese restaurant chain called “Yoshinoya”.

Yoshinoya and Hanamaru Udon are finally opened in Mid Valley Megamall KL. It is located at Level 3, it is just opposite the Mid Valley Exhibition Hall. These 2 restaurants are jointly opened and patrons can more choices because patrons can have the famous gyudon and udon at the same time.

Yoshinoya famous of its beef bowl, it is the oldest and largest restaurant chain for beef bowl. It is first opened in 1899 at Tokyo, and until now it already over 100 years old.  Over the world, Yoshinoya is having more than 1800 outlets which include of Japan, Us, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. The beef bowl served in Yoshinoya is in high quality. Its beef is 100% imported beef from Japan and the rice will be the premium Japanese rice. Yoshinoya is not only serving beef, they also serve chicken and vegetables style of rice bowl.

Recently I had pay a visit to Mid Valley Megamall Mall, and I decided to give a try on Hanamaru Udon. There are a long queue in front of the restaurant, but incredibly, it only takes a short while until my turn. There are just take few steps to get the delicious udon.

1. Take a tray.
2. Tell the staff which udon you prefer and patiently wait for the staff to hand over the udon.
3. Pick the side dishes to make your meal complete.
4. Add Oden or rice ball to your meal depending on your preference.
5. Pay at the counter and ready to enjoy your udon!

Ontama Bukkake- Rm8.80 (R)| Rm11.80 (L)
After viewing their menu, as an egg lover, I decided to get myself an Ontama Bukkake. It is actually udon with the Mori no Tamago. It is a special kind of Japanese egg that can be eaten raw. The chicken that produces the eggs are fed with a special blend of feeds in order to produce well- balanced nutritious eggs that are safe and healthy. It can be consumed even for children. The udon is so thick and it is springy. Although this dish may seem simple, but actually the broth’s flavor is comes from dried kelp and sardines harvested from the tranquil oceans of Japan. It is also with an original blend of soy sauce.

Salad Udon- Rm12.80 (R)| Rm15.80 (L)
I also ordered Salad Udon. Udon is served with salad, and the udon is still cold. It gives me different type of experience as I always eat udon in hot. The vegetable is fresh and the portion is quite big. I like the roasted sesame dressing, it is so appetite stimulated.

Kakiage Egg- Rm4.80
Kakiage Egg is a popular side dish that patrons always order. It is a kind of tempura that made with vegetable strips. On top of the kakiage, there is a Mori no Tamago. The kakiage is sweet in flavor and it is crispy. It is really delicious when the egg yolk is mix with the kakiage.

Not to forget to mention that, the noodles are made at the restaurant every day. In order to serve the best qualities of the noodles to the patrons, Hanamaru Udon will not keep the cooked noodles longer than 30 minutes.  


Mid Valley Megamall
Operation Hour: Mon-Sun


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  1. i was having this few days back. its really good for a japanese fast food.

    1. I know right! Madly in love to their Ontama Bukkake! <3.<3



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