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Dining in Japanese restaurant usually will be quite costly. However, I really can’t resist on those delicious Japanese foods like sushi, sashimi, tempura and so on. I am looking for a place that I can enjoy delicious Japanese food but will not cost me a lot. Recently I had found a perfect place that can enjoy Japanese food in affordable price.

Sushi Mentai is a Japanese restaurant that intended to serve affordable and quality Japanese food to the people and allowing the people to enjoy Japanese delicacies against a modern and casual backdrop. Sushi Mentai is currently having more than 15 outlets in Malaysia, and there are more and more outlets will be opening soon in Malaysia and Singapore.

So what is so special about Sushi Mentai? It is actually the affordable price and the quality Japanese food they served. Sushi Mentai is serving sushi at yellow colour plate and red plate, which are priced at RM1.80 and Rm2.80. Besides sushi, they are also serving different types of Japanese food including sashimi, yakimono, agemono, menmono and donmono.  The quality is nice because Sushi Mentai serves superior ingredients and condiments mostly imported from Japan.

Chuka Kurage
For the appetizer, I have the Chuka Kurage (Seasoned Jellyfish). The Chuka Kurage is come in a quite big portion compared to the other Japanese restaurant I went before. The jellyfish is moderately chewy and well-seasoned. It is so nice to eat and really stimulated my appetite.

Salmon- Rm 5.80 (3pcs)
I also have the Salmon Sashimi. There are 3 pieces of salmon served with the cucumber shreds. The sashimi is really beyond my expectation. The salmon is so plump and fresh. When I eat the sashimi with the cucumber and dip with the wasabi sauce, it is really tasted nice. The cucumber shreds are fresh and added some layering to the food.

I have ordered quite a lot of the sushi. The Japanese rice of the sushi is so sticky and the ingredients are so fresh. The Mentai sauce on the sushi is actually house made Mentai sauce. It is so special compared to the other restaurants. Sushi Mentai is very focus on the freshness of their food, if there is sushi unsold after the shop closed, they will not use them for resell.

Hano Mayo– Rm2.80
The Hana Mayo (Salmon Mayo) is a red plate sushi that I like the most and I have ordered a lot of it. Salmon is wrapped the rice and topped with the special Mayo sauce. The salmon is really fresh and plump, the texture of the salmon is so smooth. The most interesting part is the Mayo sauce, it is quite sour and really appetite stimulated.

Wakame Soba
Wakame Soba (Cold Green Tea Soba) is the main dish I ordered. It is the green tea soba served with the Mentsuyu .  You can put the green onion and other topping into the dipping sauce depends on your preference and then dip the sauce with the soba. It might be quite not used to eat the noodle in cold form, but trust me, it is tasted really nice.

Overall, Sushi Mentai is really a nice Japanese restaurant that provides affordable and quality Japanese food. It is always crowded with people even in weekdays. However, they do not accept any reservation, it is on first come first serve basis. 


No. 15, Jalan SS2/75, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Facebook: Sushi Mentai SS2


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  1. There are more and more sushi mental branches already!! Super cheap sushi and delicious too


  2. the Wakame soba looks so good! ^.^ Thanks for sharing.

  3. i know right... Thanks for dropping by. :)



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