10 Must Know Facts About shu uemura Cleansing Oils

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shu uemura is a brand origin form Japan and became a global recognized brand over 50 years. Follow the founder’s philosophy “beautiful make-up starts with beautiful skin”, shu uemura had been known as No. 1 cleanser in Malaysia with reference to the DBR Direct report in Jan- Dec 2016. shu uemura is able to remove all make-up with just one step, there is no need for a face wash to double cleansing.

Before we reveal the facts about shu uemura cleansing oils, let’s wish shu uemura Happy 50th Anniversary! Now let’s read some facts about cleansing oil and see how it became No.1 cleanser in Malaysia!

Fact 1
shu uemura’s first product was cleansing oil
After discovering cleansing oil in Hollywood in the 1950’s, the founder, Mr. Shu Uemura believed it to be the secret to beautiful skin. thus, cleansing oil became our first product.

Fact 2
shu uemura introduced cleansing oil in Japan
Way back in the 1960’s, shu uemura was the first company to launch cleansing oil in Japan, helping to create an innovative new category of skincare.

Fact 3
shu uemura cleansing oils are beloved for their simple effectiveness
With greater fluidity than typical viscous milk or waxy cream, our cleansing oils easily spread over skin, lifting away makeup and sebum. 

Fact 4
With shu uemura cleansing oils, double cleansing is unnecessary
The moment oil droplets contact water, a milky oil-in-water emulsion is created, which can remove both oil- and water-soluble impurities in one-step*.
*only with cleansing oils

Fact 5
Different oil molecules target different types of makeups to wash off
When selecting oils, shu uemura considers the structure and characteristics of oil molecules for their affinity to makeup products such as long-lasting foundations, long-lasting lipsticks and waterproof mascara.

Fact 6
shu uemura cleansing oils are formulated to emulsify quickly
Quick emulsification ensures a non-greasy, non-oily feeling after rinsing. Just make sure the oil has emulsified well and then rinse thoroughly with water.

Fact 7
shu uemura cleansing oil is good skincare
Soft, smooth and moisturizing, shu uemura cleansing oils are designed to balance skin condition without stripping away moisture.

Fact 8
shu uemura offers various cleansing oils for different skin types
There are currently six shu uemura cleansing oils with various textures and fragrances for different needs and conditions of skin.

Fact 9
shu uemura cleansing oils are gentle
Thanks to oil’s capillary action, it diffuses easily into pores with no need for strong rubbing. our cleansing oils function as a cushion between finger and skin, so a gentle movement is all it takes to remove makeup.

Fact 10
Cleansing with oil in the morning could change your life 
Cleansing oil removes sebum and impurities accumulated during sleep without stripping away skin’s natural moisture, making it the first step in a morning skincare routine.


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