Enjoy Your Chinese New Year Gathering At Esquire Kitchen With Prosperous New Year Menu

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Where will you go for your Chinese New Year gathering? Why not bring your friends and families to Esquire Kitchen, and enjoy their Prosperity New Year Menu?Esquire Kitchen is established since 1974 and now they are reaching their 45th years! Now Esquire Kitchen is introducing Prosperous New Year Menu with 2 choices- RM338nett (for 6- 8 pax) and RM238nett (for 4- 5 pax), and it is only valid from 1 January 2019 until 19 February 2019.

Prosperous New Year Menu 招财进宝

Ong Lai Lai Fish 年年有余
Ong Lai Lai is a positive and lucky word for everyone as it means “Luck come come”! The fragrant deep fried fish is with the sweet and citrusy sauce, it is sweet and sour. The look of the dish is so colourful, a perfect dish to welcome the new year.

Golden Oats Prawns 金沙笑哈哈
Prawns is a must have dish during Chinese New Year gathering. Chinese pronounce of “Prawns” is similar to the sound of laughing and it symbolizes Happiness. Prawns are combined with the deep fry oats with fresh chilies.

Golden Sesame Chicken in Lemongrass Sauce 金玉满堂            
Deep fry chicken with sesame mixed batter and lemongrass sauce is the perfect combination. The lemongrass sauce add a little magic to the deep fry sesame chicken and make it more appetite stimulating.

Red Braised Pork Belly in Prosperous Sauce 鸿运当头
This is a perfect dish to serve with a bowl of hot rice! Pork belly is braised in a special red sweet sauce until tender and juicy. The taste is a little sweet and with soya flavour.

Fortune Vegetables with Vege Abalone 财源广进
Need some vegetable to complete the maal? Baby Kailan is stir fry with vegetarian abalone and the vegetarian abalone taste is similar to the real one.

Happy Beancurd & Mushroom with Cauliflower 阖家幸福      
Another vegetarian dish in this New Year Set. Bean curd skins and mushrooms are stir fry with cauliflower in an appetizing sauce. A delicious and flavourful dish for all.

Yee Sang 鱼生
The dish not to be meet during Chinese New Year will be Yee Sang! This is the unique CNY dish only in Malaysia! It symbolizes prosperity and wishing for good luck in the coming year. Esquire Kitchen is serving Yee Sang also, don’t forget to order one during your gathering!

Esquire Kitchen is suitable for groups of friends or families for this coming Chinese New Year. There are number of outlets across KL and PJ area, you can visit any of their outlet to try out this Chinese New Year Menu. Esquire Kitchen is open for lunch and dinner on Chinese New Year Eve, 4th February 2019. However, you need to place reservation in advance as Esquire Kitchen do not accept walk in on 4th February 2019.

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