THANK YOU FARMER, Creating The Natural Balance For Your Skin

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Cosmetic products are the must products for every women and the global cosmetics market is increased significantly over the year. Grownup women around the world use an average of 4-5 products, will it create burden to your skin? There are tons of cosmetic brands in the market, and which is best suit you?

THANK YOU FARMER is a cosmetic brand made in Korea and well known is various countries. Unlike the rest, THANK YOU FARMER do not wanted you to believe that your skin will renew miraculously like a magic spell. They are using the best, effective and healthy ingredient to create their products and giving the best result to your skin, and this is the reason why their products are suitable for all skin types. They are promising the true beauty that shines over time and creating the natural balance for your skin.

True Water Deep Toner
THANK YOU FARMER is having various product lines, “True Water Deep” is a high moisturizing calming line, it delivers the deep power of moisture for dry skin! “True Water Deep Toner” is one of the star products in this line, It helps to smoothing the rough skin and also prove moisturizing energy to your skin!

It contain 7 patented botanical ingredients that can help to prevent the clogging of pores and also help to neutralize acidity index after cleansing. In the meantime, it will also remove those unwanted dead skin cell and waste to help smoothening the skin surface!

True Water Light Gel Cream
If you are feeling dryness even your skin looks moisture from the outside, or you are having oily and moisture lacking skin, then this “True Water Light Gel Cream” is a must have product for you.

It Is a gel cream that are light and refreshing deep-hydrating moisturizing and as fresh as fruit juices! It can provide thin long-lasting protective barrier that help you skin stays light and fresh. After applying, it will transformed into a moisture overflowing type on your skin which rick in moisture! You will feel refreshing and moist with no stickiness!

If you are looking for some cosmetic products that can create natural balance for your skin and without burdening your skin, THANK YOU FARMER is the brand that suitable for you.

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