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Yup. I am here again to blog about my family trip to Cameron Highland, Ipoh, Kampar, Teluk Intan and Kajang. Many places huh. We visited all those places in 3 days 2 nights. Yeah! We are the crazy family. XD Tired but had fun.

First stop, Cameron Highland. We started our trip on the Christmas Eve.

 The Lee Family Portrait. LOL!

 The weather was so cold just like Genting Highland.

Second stop, Ipoh. We were here to search for the famous dim sum shop called Fu San. But we are so unlucky because the shop was close when we reach there. So sad :( So we just ate out lunch at a shop nearby that recommended by the local which the foods there are nice too.

 Ipoh laksa… Not bad!

 Ipoh rojak

 Ipoh popiah

 Ipoh Traditional Tau Fu Fah… Not bad wei! :D But if you want to try, must queue up first.

The third stop, Kampar. We went there to meet my old friend, grace. Her parent was also my parent’s old friends too. We never meet for such a long time, I think it is more than 3 years. Happy to meet her again. :)

The fourth stop, Teluk Intan which is my dad hometown. This is the place that full of childhood memory. We spent our holiday at there when my brothers and I was a kid. My parent getting busier and busier, so we seldom go back. I miss Teluk Intan a lot. You know what; I really miss the foods there.

 Anson Chee Cheong Fun. Die die must try.

 Asnson Rojak

 Anson Asam Laksa

 Anson Yeong Tau Fu Mee.

While we heading to our last stop, we went to hot spring too. Hmmm… Nothing special, it is just hot, hot, hot and hot. There are a lot of peoples; I think is because of school holidays.

 My legs was like pig feet. Haha~

Boiling eggs~

After enjoying in the hot spring and finally we reached the last stop of the trip, Kajang. The journey to Kajang took 3 hours. We celebrate our Christmas at Kajang with our relatives and had Christmas dinner with them. And of cause we ate the famous Kajang Satay. :D

The next day, we shop for our Chinese New Year clothes. The trip was end happily. What a wonderful trip. :D

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