11:42 PM

I have no idea how to start this post. Anyway, a very simple posts here. I almost did the entire thing in the to do list. Unfortunately, I am sick. So have to stop the plan half way through.

I watched Mission Impossible with buddies. The movie is a bit too long for me. And of cause I watched Petaling Street Warriors too. Well, it is a comedy type of movie. Not bad, strongly recommended.

And finally I went to Overtime at Sunway Pyramid. I like the environment, the voice of the singer and the fresh beer.

Found macaron at Empire located at Subang. This is my first macaron. Not that delicious as I think. It is too sweet for me.

Sing K with the lovely people. Get mad in the room. And then, I lost my voice and started to sick.

This is Pavilion Christmas Decoration. Lovely right? Yesterday, I went to Pavilion to just take a look of the Christmas decoration. This is my dream since few weeks ago. LOL.

I also went to Tokyo Street too. A lot of Japanese stuff. I bought Mochi in Tokyo Street. Mango yogurt. Damn nice.

Clubbing? Steamboat? Buffet? Malacca? Hmm… I will KO all next year! I will complete all my to do list. ;)

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