8:01 PM

You know what, my last presentation end dramatically. The clients like our artwork. But there still bad comment from them. Anyway, it was end. YiiiiHaaa! But I still hate group work. Fark You!

And now, I am officially in a holiday mood with no worries. I am now planning a trip to Malacca again with friend. Hmm… Hope the plan works. And I want shopping, sing k, watch movie, clubbing, go to pub, eat buffet, steamboat and travel!!!!!

Well, this semester for me was very hardcore. It was like psychological torture. Damn! Almost want to suicide. I can’t believe that I can handle this kinda of lifestyle until now. It’s not easy you know. Every Thursday and Friday, I was feeling like dying. And now, I am free!!!! Just for 3 weeks… = =

That’s all, have to go now. Will blog again about all my busy life soon. See ya and wish all my beloved classmates Merry Christmas and happy holiday. And you too! Merry Christmas~

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